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Jersey City is home to a vibrant art community. Visual art, performance, and culture are what make up the essence of the incredible creativity that radiates throughout the city. I have come across a talented young woman who deserves to get her story out there. Check out an interview with Ann Tirado below. 


What is your background? 

“I was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. I was raised on the island and lived there for several years until I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in engineering and moved to Jersey City for work. Jersey City has been my home away from home for some time now, and I am happy to say I have found a lot of things that remind me of home such as food, music, and many fellow Boricuas.” 

Interview with Artist Ann Tirado of Jersey City

Artist Ann Tirado

What does your work aim to say? 

“I try to represent yearning, nostalgia, and happy memories through my art. A lot of my work is influenced by Puerto Rico or by childhood memories of foods we ate at home or activities we did as kids.” 

Cocina criolla by Ann Tirado

Cocina criolla by Ann Tirado

El Viejo San Juan By Ann Tirado

El Viejo San Juan
By Ann Tirado

I know a lot of your work is influenced by your upbringing in Puerto Rico. How has living in Jersey City inspired you as well?  

“One thing I enjoy about Jersey City is visiting parks and walking around the neighborhood to admire and take many pictures of the trees and flowers once spring comes around. I also love taking pictures of spaces around the city where nature and man-made structures coexist beautifully. All of these pictures are part of my visual library, and I sometimes paint some of the compositions I find interesting.” 

Concrete Jungle By Ann Tirado - Jersey City Art

Concrete Jungle By Ann Tirado

Artist at work - AAnn Tirado

Artist at work – Ann Tirado

Jersey City is home to many artists. How do you connect with others who share the same passion as you?  

“I love the diversity that one can find in Jersey City. There are artists from many places in the world who bring a unique perspective to their work and who have a lot to teach us. I try to follow Jersey City artists online whenever I find them to keep up to date with their work, but one of the best places to find local art is through the many festivals held in the city. I’ve been able to connect with artists that share their paintings and music during festivals such as All About Downtown and the Mural Festival. One that I am looking forward to is the upcoming Annual Art Fair 14C.” 

How do you define success as an artist? As a person? Are you there yet? What do you hope to accomplish?  

“I think success is being able to enjoy your artistic journey and finding joy in creating. Success is always evolving for me, not only in art, but in all aspects of life. I hope to continue to develop my artistic skills as I paint old and new memories. Art is a journey and I consider myself successful in that I am enjoying every moment of it.  

In this piece, a person is standing with their graduation robes under an arc that is emblematic to my Alma Mater. In a way, part of their journey is ending, and another is beginning.” 

Portico Colegial By Ann Tirado - Jersey City Art

Portico Colegial
By Ann Tirado

Interested in seeing more of Ann’s work? Visit her Instagram or her print shop to purchase.

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