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Historic 26 Journal Square, Once Known as The Labor Bank Building

26 Journal Square Plaza was built in 1928 and stands 16 floors high at 180 feetHaving been the tallest building in Jersey City at one point, it was considered the first skyscraper in town.  Initially, 26 Journal was the headquarters of Labor National Bank.



26 Journal Square from birds eye view

Photo courtesy of Jersey City Free Public Library

26 Journal Square was designed by John T. Rowland. The Beaux Arts style embodies the essence of the building. This style emerged from France, established by designs taught at the legendary L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, one of the oldest and most esteemed schools of architecture and design in Paris. 


26 Journal Square Now

26 Journal

Did you know?! 

Adjacent to 26 Journal is the historic Jersey Journal building. The newspaper’s original offices were located on the waterfront. 1945 marks the inception of the iconic newspaper headquarters at the 30 Journal location. It went on to serve the city from this address for the next 90 years.  


26 Journal Square when it was originally built

Photo courtesy of Jersey City Free Public Library

Since 2017, ownership at 26 Journal has completed $4 million in upgrades ranging from the lobby, bathrooms, 2nd floor, a suite on the 8th floor, 15th and 16th floors.   

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